We’ve gone through a lot over the past few years and are now faced with a recession. We’re sure you’ve heard about companies cutting back on staffing. In some industries, such as tech, there have been major layoffs. In others, companies have made the decision to temporarily halt hiring or be very selective in their hiring decisions. 

While it seemed like candidates had all the options in the world a few short years ago, today it’s essential for you to do what you can to make yourself indispensable at work. Being indispensable will give you greater job security, improve your chances of promotions and working on special projects and it will give you an opportunity to enhance your career. 

Toronto headhunters how to make yourself indispensable at work


So, how do you make yourself indispensable at work? Our Toronto headhunters offer some advice for how you can ensure you hold onto your job during this recession:

You need to go above and beyond

While this may be somewhat obvious, it still needs to be reiterated. Overdelivering and going above and beyond are what will make you stand out from the pack. Do your best to exceed expectations, even if you must put in a few more hours of work. It will only benefit you. You’ll win people over internally and get noticed. It may even open the door for a promotion in the future. 

Coordinate with your boss

Having a strong working relationship with your boss is good at the best of times. When times are tough and there is potential for cutbacks, it’s essential for you to understand what is expected of you clearly. So, have those important conversations with your boss, even if you are uneasy at times. It’ll show you care and what to do what is best for the team and for yourself. 

Be present when possible

Remote and hybrid work has become the norm for many companies. But, when potential layoffs are looming, it’s important to have a greater presence around the office. Out of sight, out of mind, right? So, make sure to come into the office more frequently if possible. You will benefit from having more in-person interactions with decision-makers in your company. 

Continue to improve professionally

A final way to make yourself indispensable is to keep getting better. Keep taking courses, adding more knowledge, and developing your skills. These actions will make you a more important part of the team and a resource your company cannot afford to lose. 

Making yourself indispensable is great for you and for your company. It means you are good at what you will do. Your company will value you, and so will recruiters and other organizations when the time comes to make a career move. 

Even though you are doing your best to stay, keep an eye open for new opportunities. It’s always important to capitalize on opportunities and do what is best for you. 


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