The pandemic changed how companies think about operations, scheduling, and employees’ expectations. With more companies than ever operating on a hybrid or remote work model, organizations have never been more open to new ways to operate. Many recruitment agencies in Toronto have seen this shift in employers. 

The idea of the four-day work week is nothing new. There have been plenty of companies that have considered and even tested out the idea to see if it’s viable and beneficial. With the success of remote models, more are interested to see if there are benefits to making the switch to the four-day work week. 

recruitment agencies toronto how well do four day weeks work? The results are in


A number of national governments have announced sponsored trials of 4-day weeks. Interest from companies, employees, non-profits, and researchers has surged around the world. As people struggle to recover from the pandemic, workplace stress, long hours and the pressures of daily life have emerged as urgent problems,” says 4 Day Week Global

A shorter work week is a potential solution for these modern workplace issues. 

Naturally, some believe a four-day work week is a great idea and others feel the opposite. 

But how well do four-day weeks actually work in practice? The Four Day Week pilot program put this question to the test and the results are in!

Here is a summary of the results:

The results are now in: The trials have been a resounding success on virtually every dimension. Companies are extremely pleased with their performance, productivity and overall experience, with almost all of them already committing or planning to continue with the 4-day week schedule. Revenue has risen over the course of the trial. Sick days and absenteeism are down. Companies are hiring. Resignations fell slightly, a striking finding during the ‘Great Resignation.’ Employees are similarly enthusiastic. And climate impacts, while less well-measured, are also encouraging.”

Key findings

In total, 27 companies completed the pilot program. The trials were based on the 100-80-100 model where employees worked 80% of their normal hours for 100% of their standard pay and committed to giving 100% output. 

Here are the key findings from the pilot program:

  • On average, companies rated the trial 9 out of 10
  • 18 companies are definitely continuing with a four-day work week. 7 plan to continue but have not made a final decision. 
  • When asked about how their overall company performance was affected by the trial, the average score was 7.6. When asked specifically about productivity, the companies reported a score of 7.7.

From the employees’ perspective:

  • Employees rated the trial 9.1 out of 10 in terms of overall experience
  • 96.9% of employees wanted to continue working 4 days per week
  • When asked to rate their current work performance compared to their lifetime best, the average score rose from 7.17 at baseline to 7.83 at the end of the trial.
  • Employees reported a reduction in stress, burnout, and fatigue, and improvements in mental and physical health. 

Based on the result of this pilot program, it’s clear there are considerable benefits to implementing a 4-day work week. 

Get a copy of the full report here


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