Prior to the onset of the pandemic, most organizations would only hire people within close proximity of their office location. For example, if a company operates out of downtown Toronto, they would look for candidates in the GTA. This could extend to the York region or Peel region. They would also entertain candidates who would be willing to move to the area.

national recruitment

Remote work changed this trend. It has opened the floodgates. When remote positions are offered, companies suddenly have access to a significantly larger talent pool. Candidates also benefit. They now have access to roles with companies from many different geographic regions.

This situation has led to the expansion of national and international recruitment. International recruitment agencies are starting to help candidates and companies expand their respective searches.


Now is the time to look beyond local borders. Geography has become less of a factor in the job market. With many companies experiencing talent shortages, many believe that cross-border hiring can be a key factor to remedy this issue.

First, top Canadian talent would be more likely to stay within Canada, even if they worked for an international organization.

“If Canada allowed or simplified — which I know is counter-intuitive — the process of hiring remotely, then we could benefit from high-skilled Canadians who stay in Canada and would work for, say, a U.S. employer,” says Michael Dobner, national leader of economics and policy at PwC Canada in Markham, Ont., who spoke with Canadian HR Reporter.

“What that will do is their family stays here; they spend here; they pay taxes here, and we are creating a pool of high-skilled people that are getting experience with international companies.”

Long-term, there will be a larger pool of Canadian workers.

Second, companies would also have access to talent from around the globe. You could create more diverse, inclusive and skilled teams by using remote technology.

However, many Canadian companies are taking a conservative approach.

According to Dobner, “Canadian employers are less willing to go outside their comfort zone, but there is also an issue of overestimating the challenges and difficulties in doing that. There are challenges, there are difficulties but, in our view, those challenges are surmountable and when you compare that to the opportunity cost that’s been lost by not attempting to go beyond your borders, that equation does not look rational.”

The cautious approach by companies north of the border is an opportunity for your company to take action. Being proactive can give you a competitive advantage by adding more experienced professionals to your team.

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