“I’ve lost four employees to you headhunters in three months.  None of them would have left if a headhunter hadn’t lured them away!”

As headhunters, we hear this a lot.  The reality is,Recruiter-Proof Your Business there just isn’t enough A+ talent to go around, so they will always be in demand… and headhunters will always call.  Since IQ PARTNERS is committed to helping our clients hire better, hire less, and retain more, we created a seven step guide to recruiter-proof your business using research and first-hand interviews with top companies like Google, Deloitte, LoyaltyOne, TD Bank, and Achievers.

Each month we’ll share a little from each of the seven steps.  This month: why it’s important to learn about and commit to each one of your employees’ career paths in order to keep them engaged!  Click here to download the guide now, or read on for a teaser from step five.

Commit to Everyone’s Career Path

Every manager who wants to retain their best people MUST know what each of their employees’ career goals are and create a culture that demonstrates the company’s commitment to those goals.  Career discussions should be incorporated into weekly one-on-ones (if you don’t know what they are, see Step 2: Create an Open Dialogue) and managers should promote internal mobility.

The Brutal Facts

  • 84% of HR/business leaders believe that providing career advancement opportunities is the most impactful way to retain top performing employees.
  • 70% of Canadian HR/talent acquisition professionals felt their internal mobility program was well known among employees. In exit surveys, only 20% were aware.


Part of committing to employees’ goals involves committing to their growth and keeping them challenged.  In step 5 we share examples of companies doing just that – for example, 3M encourages employees to spend 15% of their working time on their own projects, which allows them to follow their own insights in pursuit of problem-solving.

Sometimes internal mobility isn’t an option, and in that case (though controversial) we would encourage managers and companies to support their employees’ growth even if it’s not with your company.  The loyalty you create will reap long-term benefits in the form of referrals and positive word of mouth.

For more on committing to employees’ career paths as the fifth step to building an engaged workforce, download the full guide, Recruiter-Proof Your Business: 7 Strategies to Retain Your Top Employees.


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