The 3 Biggest Recruiting Challenges Today

April 16th, 2019

Recruiting is inherently challenging. The ability to recruit and hire the right person time and time again is a difficult task. There are so many factors at play that can affect the hiring process – timing, type of job, location, candidate pool and many more.

Recruiting challenges change over time. Your ability to overcome hiring challenges will put you in a position to make an effective hiring decision each time you fill a role within your company.

Here are some of the biggest recruiting challenges faced by organizations:

1. Competition


The job market today has never been more competitive. There is a storage of talent for an abundance of job openings. Every top talent in your industry has options and they know it. So do your competitors. You need to make a great impression, offer a competitive salary, and offer an environment where top talent want to work.

One of the key ways to overcome this challenge is to be proactive. You can’t wait for talent to become available. You need to go after them. The passive candidate market can be a lucrative one. Put some feelers out there and connect with top talent. People are willing to make a career, even if they are not actively looking.

2. Being Reactive

Building on the point above, being reactive will put you behind immediately. No longer can you wait until an employee quits or is let go until you start recruiting. You need to always be on the lookout for talent. Be proactive and always be looking to add the best people to your company.

An effective way to be proactive is to develop a candidate talent pool. Build relationships with people in your industry, even if you are not currently hiring. This way, when the time comes, you already have some top candidates in your hopper.

3. A Slow Hiring Process

If you are reactive, the odds are you will also have a slower hiring process. This is another challenge that can hurt your chances of hiring the best candidates. Candidates are not going to wait around for you to get organized and make a decision. They have other options, and they will act on them if you make them wait too long.

The good news is you can improve your hiring process. Use modern technology, work with a recruiting firm, and eliminate aspects of your hiring process that are slow, redundant, and unnecessary. A thorough review of your recruiting process may be in order, but you’ll be able to vastly improve efficiency and your success of hiring great people.

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