Artificial intelligence and automation is starting to affect almost every type of job and industry – recruiting included.

We are already seeing the impact of AI on many recruiting tasks. Resume screening and initial video interviews, as well as other screening tasks, are increasingly being done using automation. Will the use of AI stop here or can we expect it to creep into other recruiting tasks?

How Much of an Impact Will AI Have on Recruiting?

AI recruiting

In a recent Forbes article, Shahid Wazed, from the Forbes Human Resources Council, questions how far-reaching the impact of AI and automation will be on recruiting:

“When recruiting candidates for hard-to-fill positions is automated, when AI can screen resumes in seconds and when initial interviews are conducted through video, then what is the role of the human recruiter? And can other repetitive tasks related to recruiting talent (i.e., posting jobs, negotiating offers, etc.) be done by an admin person or perhaps a robot?”

Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Stay

Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere. You can’t ignore it. You also shouldn’t be afraid of it. It’s important to figure out the best way to use it.

AI technology has its advantages, but it also has its weaknesses. Companies need to carefully assess how to implement recruiting technology. Develop strategies to replace repetitive recruitment practices and ensure all automation supports your recruitment goals. Every company is different. Take the time to understand how AI recruitment tools are used in your industry and how your company can best utilize them.

There Is No Replacement for the Human Element

Recruiting AI

The human element of recruiting is something that cannot be replaced. Interacting with candidates, the intricacy of reading body language and verbal cues, relationship building, and overseeing decisions made by AI is still required.

Recruiters are still needed to review and analyze all the information collected by hiring technologies. AI and automation technology help support your decision making process. But we’re not at the point, and may never be at the point, where AI makes the final hiring decision.

The exact future of recruiting in an age of artificial intelligence is still unclear, but AI will play a larger role in the recruitment process. Your company needs to determine how to best use AI and balance it with human recruiters.

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