By Adrian Robinson, Toronto Marketing Recruiter

Artificial intelligence (AI) is talked about a lot today. Many are concerned about how it will impact people’s jobs. There are those who think AI will render many jobs obsolete. Marketing is an industry that is definitely being impacted by new AI technologies. It is changing the way marketing jobs are approached.

Is it making jobs irrelevant? No. It’s not smart enough to replace the human element, and there are certain elements that will be difficult for AI to duplicate.

But it is shifting how many jobs are performed and adding new depth and dimensions to what marketers do. It’s providing marketers with new tools and insights to help them do their job better and more efficiently.

How Will AI Impact Marketing Jobs?


Using AI in conjunction with other marketing strategies provides another tool for professionals to use to assess, analyze, and create highly detailed marketing campaigns. Whether you are creating content, targeting an audience, email marketing or running an online ad campaign, AI can provide you with more data and insights.

Here are three key ways AI will impact marketing jobs for the better:

  • Deeper Analysis: Having access to insightful data and metrics is a key to fully understanding the customers you are trying to reach. AI makes it easier to collect and analyze large amounts of data that can be used to formulate marketing strategies and make key decisions.
  • More Personalization: Customers are the focus of marketing campaigns. They want personalized interaction and want messaging from companies to be catered to them. AI helps marketers create more personalized and insightful marketing messaging to engage customers. It can do this by tracking patterns in the interactions you have with your customers.
  • Better Marketing Strategies: Marketing is highly competitive. The ability to automate, track, and organize marketing tasks efficiently can help give you an edge over the competition. AI saves you time and allows you to focus more time on strategy.

AI will continue to evolve and play a bigger role in marketing. While some may have concerns about job security, AI is not replacing jobs; it’s shifting how jobs are done.

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