You may be tempted to stretch the truth a little on your resume. You want to get a call for an interview and get an edge over others applying. A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? Actually, it hurts you more than you think. According to our legal recruiters in Toronto, there could be legal implications. Yes, legal issues! So, you need to think twice before you decide to adjust the facts and figures on your resume.

Legal recruiters toronto lying on a resume legal implications


Below, our  legal recruiters will briefly talk about common things people lie about and then discuss the potential legal implications and other consequences of lying on your resume. 

What are the most common things people lie about on their job applications?

There are a lot of things job candidates can lie about on their job application. Many fib about their current salary in hopes of getting a better starting wage with a new employer. People will also stretch the truth about:

  • Performance
  • Experience
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Education and professional designations

There could be legal implications if you lie on your resume

You may think that adjusting employment dates to match up, altering your title, or changing your education isn’t a big deal. However, including false or misleading information about yourself on a resume could get you in legal trouble. This is considered fraud.

This becomes an even more serious matter if you lie about your education, professional designation or certification. It’s particularly important in professions where you require a licence to practice, such as law, healthcare, or skilled trades.

For example, let’s say you work in plumbing. You apply for a job and claim you’re licenced but you’re not. You start working for a company. You make a significant mistake that causes thousands of dollars in damage to a client’s property. The client sues your employer. The employer, in turn, takes legal action against you for damages.

What other consequences could you face if you lie on your resume?

There are also other potential consequences if you are caught lying on your resume. They include:

  • Loss of trust by the employer
  • Developing a poor reputation in your industry
  • You could lose your license or certification

How truthful do you need to be and how far should you go with stretching the truth?

There can be a fine line between writing an engaging resume that enhances your candidacy and lying outright. This brings up a debate about how much you should stretch the truth in your resume. After all, there have been many cases of employers writing job ads that are not completely truthful.

As a candidate, you have to decide how far you should go with editing your resume before submitting it. Here are some questions to think about before you alter your resume.

  • Do you want to get hired under false pretenses?
  • Are you qualified for the job? Or only if you stretch the truth?
  • Will you be successful in a job where you lied about your education and experience to get it?
  • What if your employer finds out you lied? Are you willing to risk lying and face the potential consequences?

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