As a recruitment agency in Toronto, we see a lot of professional resumes. We also know what employers are looking for. One thing they don’t want to see is problems with your resume. But many candidates submit resumes with minor issues and problems that could have been avoided if they just put in a little extra effort and paid more attention. 

resume problems you're likely to miss recruitment agency toronto


Below are the most common problems with resumes that you’re most likely to miss:

Not following specific application instructions

One of the most common problems with resumes has to do with the little details. But these minor details can quickly take you out of consideration for a job. Some of the most common little problems candidates miss include:

  • Specific formatting requests
  • Forgetting to include a job ID number
  • Addressing the resume to the wrong person
  • Forgetting to include the cover letter along with the resume

Sending the wrong version

If you are applying for multiple jobs, it’s important to create a customized version of your resume for each job. This allows you to speak to your candidacy for each specific job. But, in creating multiple versions of your resume, it can be easy for candidates to send the incorrect version when applying for a job. Always double check you are sending the correct file before hitting send. 

Typos and grammatical errors

Those pesky typos, spelling, and grammatical errors are perhaps the most common problems with your resume that you’re likely to miss. After working on your resume and becoming familiar with its contents, it can become more difficult to pick out typos when editing. So, always try to have a trusted colleague review your resume before you submit it. 

Outdated contact information

Did you recently move? Have you changed your phone number or email? Make sure you update it on your resume. People often forget to update contact information because it’s in the header. 

Unprofessional email address

It’s essential for you to use a professional email address when applying for jobs. The one you created when you were in high school or college likely doesn’t reflect your professional aspirations. It’s an easy thing to miss, especially if you’ve been using the same email for years. Create a professional email that is closely associated with your name. 

Before you submit your resume, consider having someone else take a quick look to ensure your resume is problem free. 


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