Toronto Technology Recruiter Gary Hinde
By Gary Hinde, Toronto IT Recruiter

It’s not surprising to hear that technology jobs are in high demand, especially when it comes to specialized skills such as programming.  It’s also not that surprising to hear that there are tech jobs that pay well. But what are the skills that are in demand and the positions that offer a great salary?

“If you’re an expert in a rare tech skill, you will almost certainly be paid well. But the jobs requiring that skill could be harder to find. Then again, some skills are needed everywhere, but there’s also plenty of competition for them, keeping salaries lower. The best tech skills strike a balance: high enough in demand but also specialized enough to command decent pay,” says Julie Bort from Business Insider.

A start-up company called Paysa recently put these questions to the test and conducted research to identify the most in-demand technology job skills and how much you can expect to make as a professional with these skills.

Key Findings

  • Skills considered to be less common often are associated with higher salaries
  • About 30% of tech positions listed management as a requirement
  • Management was listed as the most popular tech industry experience
  • Job listings specifically mentioning Microsoft Office were generally found to be some of the lowest paid positions


The Top In Demand Technology Skills

tech skills

Here are the top in-demand tech skills based on the number of positions that list them:

  • Management (30%)
  • Project management (25%)
  • Integration (22%)
  • Leadership (22%)
  • SQL (20%)


Top Skills by Average Salary

Here are the top skills based on average annual salary:

  • High-performance computing ($194,000)
  • Natural language processing ($194,000)
  • Recommender systems ($182,000)
  • Scalability ($173,000)
  • Large scale systems ($173,000)


Other salaries for popular technology positions include:

  • Mobile applications ($147,000)
  • Cloud computing ($140,000)
  • Management ($132,000)


Top Programming Skills Based on Salary

Tech salary

Computer programming skills are in demand and pay well. Here are some of the top in demand and high paying positions:

  • Perl
  • C++
  • C
  • Java
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PL/SQL
  • SQL
  • PHP


Each one of these skills can land you a job with an average salary north of $125,000 annually.

As you can see, there is ample opportunity to make good money in the technology industry. If you are currently seeking employment or are considering a career change, take a look at our current opportunities.

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Gary Hinde

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