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By Riel LaPointe, Toronto Financial & IT Recruiter

There are many reasons why people end up switching jobs.  An increase in salary and title are the most common motivators (and are important, of course) but there are many other factors to consider before accepting a job offer.

In How to Quit: 5 Tips from a Headhunter Catherine Lund explains, “Make sure you’re running towards a great opportunity and not away from a bad one… We all have bad days at work, days that make us want to throw up our hands and quit, but emotional decisions are usually bad ones.”

As headhunters we know that switching jobs is a big deal in someone’s life.  After all, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work.  That’s why we do our best to ensure our candidates are taking the right next step for their careers before we place them.  Are you considering changing jobs?  Ask yourself these questions first.

5 Questions to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

1. Is the job and/or company a good match for your passion and skills?

In his popular book Good to Great, Jim Collins shares something he calls The Hedgehog Concept, which is about the intersection of three overlapping circles: what you’re deeply passionate about, what makes you money, and what you can be the best at.  His book is geared toward businesses, but this concept can be applied to your career as well.  Before taking your next job, ask yourself, is this job going to not only pay well, but is it also a good match for my skills and passion?


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2. Does the company culture “feel right”?

People spend a lot of time at work.  In fact, the average person spends one third of their lifetime at work… so it’s important to enjoy being there.

Think back to the interview.  Did you get a good feeling from being in the office space, and more importantly from the people you interacted with along the way, from the receptionist to the person interviewing you?  Further, ask your recruiter (if you’re working with one) – good recruiters will have insight into the company culture and daily life you can expect.

3. Do the company’s values mesh with yours?

Meet the Headhunter Mark Rouse

Candidates are looking for meaning in their work like never before.  My colleague Bruce Powell explains, “The most talented people in the marketplace want to work with companies (and other people) who desire and are moving toward doing big things – whether it be for their clients or helping to build a unique and innovative business.”

Most companies have a set of core values or a mission statement, which can usually be found on their website.  Before you take the job, have a look and consider how the company’s values or mission may mesh with or differ from your own values, and how that might affect your work.

4. Is there room for growth?

Beyond your own role within the company, it’s always a good idea to research the growth of the company itself over the last 3-5 years and beyond.  Make sure to ask insightful questions during the interview about the company’s strategy and projected growth moving forward.

5. Would you be challenged?

Job titles can vary from company to company – a manager’s responsibilities at a larger company might be equivalent to a director title at a smaller company – so make sure to get an idea of your day to day responsibilities through the interview process.  Continued learning and growth are some of the most important keys to staying engaged at work.

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Riel LaPointe Financial Recruiter

Riel LaPointe

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