Toronto Technology Recruiter Gary Hinde
By Gary Hinde, Toronto IT Recruiter

Whether you are looking to fill entry level positions, hire talent for middle management or require a new executive to join your leadership team, working with a recruiter is one of the most effective ways to find the right person, one who possesses the skills, experience and cultural fit you are seeking.

Companies Are Increasingly Turning to Recruiters for Hiring Assistance


According to a recent survey, 1 in 6 employers across all industries plan to hire more recruiters in the next six months to help them improve their hiring success rates.

The survey also outlined some of the roles companies are trying to fill with the assistance of recruiters. The most in demand include:

  • Cloud technology – 12%
  • Mobile technology, social marketing, user experience – 11%
  • App development, e-commerce, wellness, digital strategy, finance – 9%
  • Big data, cyber security – 8%


Not surprisingly, technology-based positions seem to be in most demand and companies are looking to fill roles in this area.

The survey also revealed, in a more general sense, the areas where companies will be looking to hire in the near future:

  • Customer Service – 29 percent
  • Sales – 27 percent
  • Information Technology – 25 percent
  • Production – 20 percent
  • Accounting/Finance – 13 percent
  • Human Resources – 13 percent
  • Clinical – 12 percent
  • Business Development – 11 percent
  • Marketing – 11 percent
  • Research and Development – 11 percent


“Understanding what the… hiring outlook will look like for the next six months can help you better plan and prepare for the road ahead, and adjust your talent acquisition strategy to land the talent you need,” says Deanna Hartley on The Hiring Site Blog.

The Recruiter Advantage

Toronto executive recruiter

Whether you have an immediate hiring need or plan to hire in the future, working with a recruiter provides your company with a number of advantages:

  • They can help you attract the best talent in your industry
  • They help keep you focused during the hiring process
  • They know where to look for talent (including finding passive candidates)
  • They deliver


When you partner with a recruiter, you can use these recruiter advantages to your benefit to fill your company with the best talent possible – reducing employee turnover, increasing retention rates, and helping your company meet its business objectives.

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Gary Hinde Technology Recruiter

Gary Hinde

Gary is a Partner and Practice Lead of one of Toronto's most respected team of IT recruiters. He has a strong background in building and managing teams, and specializes in contract and permanent placements within the IT space. With over 15 years of IT Sales and Recruitment experience, Gary is committed to customer service and has a genuine love for working with people and solving business problems.

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