The job search process is no joke. It can be exhausting. If you want to land the job you’re targeting, you may need to put in dozens of hours searching for roles, applying, researching companies and interviewing. If only there was a tool that could make this process a little easier. Oh wait, there is! Artificial intelligence (AI). It has become a great resource to help job seekers get ideas and assistance at a moment’s notice. 

I asked our software recruiters in Toronto to come up with a series of prompts job candidates can use at the various stages of the job search process. Below are prompts you can use in ChatGPT, Google Gemini and other AI tools to help you land your next job:

1. Resume

  • “Create a professional resume for a [specific job title] with a focus on [specific skills, credentials or experiences].”

2. Cover Letter 

  • “Write a compelling cover letter for a job application in the [industry] that highlights my experience in [specific area].”

3. Interview Preparation

  • “Generate a list of common interview questions for a [specific job title] in the [industry] and suggest strong answers.”

4. LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • “Optimize my LinkedIn profile summary to attract recruiters in the [industry].”
  • “Suggest keywords and phrases to include in my LinkedIn profile to improve visibility to hiring managers in the [field].”

5. Networking 

  • “How can I effectively network at industry events or conferences to increase my job prospects in the [industry]?”
  • “Draft an email template for reaching out to a potential mentor or industry professional on LinkedIn.”

6. Job Search Strategies

  • “What are the best job search strategies for finding opportunities in the [industry]?”

7. Negotiation Tips

  • “Provide tips for negotiating a higher salary during the job offer process.”
  • “How should I respond to a job offer if I want to negotiate better terms without jeopardizing the offer?”

8. Job Applications

  • “How should I tailor my resume for a job application in the [industry]?”

9. Follow-Up Communications

  • “Draft a follow-up email to send after a job interview to thank the interviewer and reiterate my interest in the position.”

10. Company Research

  • “What are the key factors to research about a company before going for an interview?”
  • “Generate a list of questions to ask during an interview that show I have researched the company and am genuinely interested in the role.”

A Final Word On Using AI Prompts During Your Job Search

Using these AI prompts can help you create polished application materials, prepare thoroughly for interviews, and navigate the job search process more effectively.

But remember, AI is not always accurate and anything you create with it requires a human review. Always review any materials you send to prospective employers before submitting.

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Cam Whalen Financial Recruiter

Cam Whalen

Cam is a Director, Client Services at IQ PARTNERS FinTech and Financial Services, & Insurance team. Born and raised in New Zealand, Cam completed a Commerce Degree with a double major in Commercial Law & Marketing before getting into the world of recruitment.

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