People with IT skills are in high demand. Much like many other industries, technology employers are struggling to find qualified workers to fill the list of open jobs. While the shortage of skilled IT workers is nothing new, it is becoming more of an issue.

A number of reports suggest that even though the demand for technology will be high in 2022, a shortage of skilled IT workers will disrupt technology programs.

Toronto Technology Recruiters Share 4 Ways to Take Advantage of the Technology Recruitment Crunch in 2022

Nicole Lewis, on Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), identified a number of reports regarding the state of the IT worker crunch.

The Impact of Technology in 2022 and Beyond: an IEEE Global Study found:

“97 percent of IT leaders agree that their team is working more closely than ever with human resource leaders to implement workplace technologies—though it may take longer than usual due to the staffing shortages.”

The 2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap for Large Enterprises report from Gartner Inc., found:

“64% of IT executives cite talent shortages as the most significant barrier to the adoption of emerging technology, compared with only 4 percent in 2020.”


How to Take Advantage of the Technology Recruitment Crunch

Given the current situation, it’s imperative for tech employers to focus on recruitment efforts. Our technology recruiters in Toronto have identified these ways to take advantage of the technology recruitment crunch in 2022:

  • Focus on retention: At a time when there is a talent shortage, it’s essential for employers to prioritize keeping their best people in-house.
  • Change where you look for candidates: Rather than focusing on STEM grads and people with a strictly technological background, cast a wider net. Look for candidates in other industries and labour pools.
  • Upskilling: If you already have great people, invest in them. Give them the resources and opportunities to add new skills and help close the skill gap. As your current people advance and move up internally, you can replace them with more entry-level employees.
  • Leverage technology: If you can’t find people to fill the open positions, look at technology solutions that can help your people accomplish more. Is there an opportunity to automate certain tasks? Can you improve internal processes? Is there a better or more efficient way to do things?

Using these strategies can help you continue to thrive, even when you face recruitment challenges.


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Gary Hinde Technology Recruiter

Gary Hinde

Gary is a Partner and Practice Lead of one of Toronto's most respected team of IT recruiters. He has a strong background in building and managing teams, and specializes in contract and permanent placements within the IT space. With over 15 years of IT Sales and Recruitment experience, Gary is committed to customer service and has a genuine love for working with people and solving business problems.

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