Public accounting or private accounting? This is a question that almost every new graduate and accountant has considered at one point or another. The choice can definitely impact your career path. While many people choose private accounting or make the switch, there are many great reasons to choose a career in public accounting.

Here are 5 reasons to consider working in public accounting:

Varied and Diverse Experience

public accounting career

Public accountants tend to have a portfolio of clients. Private accountants only work for one company and often work on a single accounting function; however, in public accounting, your clients are businesses from different industries, sizes, and have specific accounting needs. This allows you to gain diverse experience with a variety of forms of accounting. This can help you in the future if you choose to work independently or when you start looking for your next career opportunity.

Earning Potential and Advancement

As a public accountant, you have the opportunity to advance your career relatively quickly. While private accountants tend to progress their career and develop skills at a defined pace, public accountants can learn all aspects of accounting and gain more experience quicker by working with a variety of clients. You will gain more hands-on experience, something that can help you advance your career and increase your earning potential.

Job Security

We all want job security. Businesses need accountants. For this reason alone, you will always have job security. Jobs for accountants, especially public accountants, are on the rise. With experience and a CPA, you will have security and career options. You could work in forensic accounting, as an auditor or even be self-employed.

Variety of Work

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The role of public accountants has changed. You have variety in the type of work you do. There are many interesting and unique roles within the public accounting space to consider. No longer is it about sitting at a desk for 8 hours, crunching numbers.

The Opportunity to Travel and Network

As a public accountant, you will spend time out of the office meeting with clients. This gives you the opportunity to travel, and it provides you with the opportunity to network with many different professionals.

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