By Adrian Robinson, Toronto Marketing Recruiter

Owning a business and being self-employed is difficult. For those of you who have ventured out and become an independent marketing consultant, you know how challenging it can be. It’s not for everyone. For this reason, over time, some self-employed marketing professionals decide to make the transition back to the corporate world.

Why Do People Transition Back to Being an Employee?


Marketing professionals transition back to being an employee for many reasons. It’s not just because they didn’t have success. Many successful marketers make the move back. Reasons include:

  • Self-employment is not for you
  • You were made an offer you couldn’t refuse
  • Less stress and simplified work situation
  • Career stability
  • A change in your personal life

Tips to Transition from Marketing Consultant to Employee

welcome aboard

  • Expect people to question your decision: Whether you had a successful business or being self-employed was simply not for you, expect hiring companies to inquire about your decision. You will need to address it on your resume, cover letter, and during job interviews. Have a plan.
  • Transition in stages: Slowly transitioning from owner to employee is the best approach. As you start to look for new jobs, notify your clients of the change. You may want to lessen your client load or systematically phase out client work. Many former consultants hold onto a client or two on the side until they are completely comfortable with their new job.
  • Consider working with a marketing recruiter: Marketing recruiters can be a valuable resource when you transition back into the job market. Depending on how long you’ve been self-employed, you may need to brush up on the industry, your job search skills, and your resume. Recruiters can also help you formulate a strategy to address your decision to leave the consulting world.
  • Network and re-connect with colleagues: It’s important to re-connect with former colleagues and bosses if you choose to transition back. Many professionals have found roles with their previous employers because they remained in touch.
  • Change your mindset: Making the switch from self-employed to an employee can be tough. You need to keep in mind that you are not the boss and you don’t always know best. Give yourself some time to mentally make the transition. Be open to new approaches and new ways of doing things.

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