What criteria do you use to assess finance candidates? Many hiring managers default to traditional types of information for comparison. Years of experience, hard skills, and academic credentials are most common.

While these are still important, they don’t tell the entire story. With top talent getting harder and harder to find, you need to make sure you are making the best hiring decisions. Finance and accounting recruiters are using a more extensive list of factors to consider when hiring. A hiring mistake can set your company back and cost you important time, resources, and money.

Toronto accounting and finance recruiters list qualities to look for in candidates

Make better hiring decisions by considering these top qualities of modern finance candidates:

1. Top-level communication:

All types of finance jobs require good communication skills. You want people who can communicate with everyone within the organization and with all types of clients.

2. Customer focus:

Having a customer-first approach to doing business is increasingly important in today’s competitive landscape. It can be the difference between winning new business and a key differentiator.

3. Fintech:

Technology continues to have a greater impact on the finance industry. It affects how things are done, how roles function, and how decisions are made. Top finance candidates need to have strong technology skills and marry them with core financial skills and expertise.

4. Adaptability:

Change is the new normal. Look for candidates who show they have the ability to quickly adapt to changing roles, circumstances, markets, and technology. Top finance candidates are ready for change and are equipped to manage it effectively.

5. A great attitude:

You can’t teach a good attitude. Most people maintain a similar outlook for the duration of their career. Look for people who have a positive attitude and are a good influence on others. Good people will shape your company culture in a progressive manner.

6. Motivation and drive:

People with internal motivation and self-drive to succeed will do good things. Look for candidates who don’t need others to motivate them. Find candidates who are willing to put in the work to reap the reward.

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Ross Campbell

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