It’s important not to compromise your personal values, especially when looking for a job or choosing to work for a particular organization. 

In talking with job seekers and employers, our recruitment agency in Toronto has found that it’s more important than ever for your company’s values to align with your personal values. A disconnect can create issues and potentially put you in compromising situations.

Recruitment agency in Toronto shares do your company's values align with yours


Our recruiters will talk about why value alignment is desirable but challenging and why it’s so important for job seekers to have their personal values align with their employer’s values. 

Value Alignment Is Desirable but Challenging

Finding a company that has shared values and beliefs is important. It ensures that the decisions made by the organization will be reflective of how you feel also. This can be reassuring. But this can be easier said than done today. 

According to a new Glassdoor survey conducted by The Harris Poll:

  • 35% of job seekers believe it’s difficult to find an employer that aligns with their values.
  • 30% say their current employer does not match their values.
  • 44% say that company culture and values are important factors when searching for a job or considering a company to work for.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important for Your Personal Values to Align With Your Company’s Core Values

Working for an employer that shares the same core values puts you in a better and more comfortable position to have success in your career. Here are some reasons why it’s more important than ever to have shared values:

  • You’ll be more engaged: When you work for a company that has the same values, you’ll be more engaged day to day. When you are more engaged, you’ll be more willing to put in the extra work, which will benefit you professionally and help you achieve more in your career. 
  • You’ll have higher job satisfaction: Looking forward to going to work and being happy is essential for your mental health. Going to work at a place that has the same outlook and values can help you have greater satisfaction in your job. 
  • You’ll find a place you’ll want to stay: Finding a company where you can grow and stay long term is ideal for many people. When you share similar values, there is a better chance you’ll stay with an organization long term. 

Having shared values is a big consideration when looking for a job. Don’t overlook its importance and consider the big picture when considering an employer. 


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Nadia Novello

Nadia Novello is a recruitment consultant on the Marketing Services team.  Prior to beginning her journey in recruitment, Nadia spent 15+ years in the Marketing, Advertising, and Agency space.  During that time, she has helped many clients explore strategies to help drive consumer engagement and influence purchase decisions for some top global brands. Nadia’s industry experience in both traditional and digital marketing makes her a valuable extension to the IQ Partners team.

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