People want to work for great organizations. They want to work for companies that care about their employees and offer an inclusive company culture. But, even if you have a strong company culture, promoting it can be challenging.

You can’t just say that you have a great company culture. You need to communicate what that means and show candidates what your culture looks like.

“When it comes to company culture, talking the talk without walking the walk will hurt your ability to recruit talented candidates — and keep them around once you do,” says John Pierce on Forbes.

1. Know Who You Are

Company Culture

Understanding what makes up your culture is vital. You need to understand your core values and practice what you preach.

2. Tell Them About It

If you want to sell candidates on your culture, you need to tell them about it throughout the recruiting process. Include cultural fit elements in job ads, emphasize the importance of cultural fit, communicate your core values and present the benefits of your company culture.

You can tell candidates about culture in many ways – through your website, on social media, in ads, and through word of mouth.

3. Show Them

Talking about culture is one thing, but showing them is more important. Take candidates for a tour of your office, create videos explaining your culture, and get your employees involved. Have them speak about the advantages of working for your company.

“You can showcase your culture as a benefit of your company. After all, the top predictor of workplace satisfaction isn’t pay — it’s the organization’s culture and values,” says Pierce.

4. Make Cultural Fit a Significant Hiring Factor

Making cultural fit a focal point of how you assess candidates will help you highlight it. Look for professionals who not only have the skills and experience but also share similar core values and are a strong fit culturally.

“Cultural fit impacts both performance and retention. That’s why hiring a poor cultural fit with a great resume is a bad idea,” says Pierce.

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