So, you’ve found a star candidate who perfectly fits your company. You’ve interviewed them. Everything checks out and they’ve agreed to make the jump over to your company. You can take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back, right? Not so fast. 

The recruitment process doesn’t stop once you hire a new employee. In fact, now is your organization’s opportunity to make a good impression. How you onboard new employees can play a huge role in their decision to stay. 

Legal recruiters how to ensure your new star employee doesn't quit


The truth is that most employees are not entirely committed to working for your company, even though they may have started with the company. 

“Research I’ve tracked over the years finds that a typical employee’s mind isn’t made up about staying or leaving a new company until month six,” says Marcel Schwantes from

“In fact, it may take eight to 12 months for new hires to be as proficient as their tenured colleagues. Yes, take my word for it — your onboarding is crucial to their success and the success of your business,” he adds.

How do you ensure your new star employee doesn’t quit? Our legal recruiters offer some advice to ensure you hire and retain top talent:

Invest in a strong onboarding process

Your onboarding process sets the tone for what an employee expects from your company. It can also be a reason why new people quit, says Schwantes:

“One study of over 1,000 employees found that over 32 percent of new hires had barely any onboarding or none at all. Around 17 percent of the respondents in the study left between the first week and the third month of starting their new job. Fifteen percent of respondents noted that the lack of an effective onboarding process contributed to them quitting or considering quitting a job.”

Set clear expectations

From the beginning, ensure that your new employee knows exactly what is expected of them. This includes performance goals, KPIs, and job responsibilities. Spell it out for them crystal clear so there is no ambiguity. 

Provide growth opportunities

Show your new employee that there are opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization. Offer professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, and career planning support. Show them the career paths and opportunities that are available with your company so they have something to look forward to and strive toward. 

Provide regular feedback and recognition

Give your new employees regular feedback on their performance and recognize their achievements and contributions. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in keeping an employee motivated and engaged. This helps to show you are invested in their development. 

Foster a positive work environment

This is a must from the minute a new employee walks in the door. Create a positive work environment where your new employee feels valued, respected, and supported. Encourage open communication, collaboration, and a healthy work-life balance. 


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