The youth are the future. Our recruitment agency in Toronto works with Gen Z talent all the time. However, one thing I’ve noticed that has shifted from an odd occurrence to a trend is the average young worker doesn’t want to become a manager. This poses a potentially serious succession plan for employers. If the next generation of talent doesn’t want to manage, then who will?

I’m of the mind that companies have not done a good enough job of encapsulating the benefits of management roles. Below, I’ll discuss how you can motivate and train your Gen Z workers to become managers:

How Do You Motivate Gen Z Workers To Become Managers?

If you want to motivate people, you need to understand what drives them. You need to learn what they care about. Gen Z is a unique cohort and certain things drive them that make them distinct from previous generations. In working with younger workers, our recruiters have identified these top trains that motivate Gen Z workers to become managers:

  • Offer a sense of purpose that is in alignment with younger workers
  • Offer meaningful work that can positively affect others
  • Provide recognition to workers for their efforts
  • Give regular feedback on performance
  • Create a workplace that offers flexibility in work arrangements and locations
  • Invest in tech and allow young workers to leverage the latest tech trends and platforms 

Tap into these forms of motivation to encourage your top young performers to consider management roles. 

How Do You Train Gen Z Employees?

How you train Gen Z employees can be just as important as what you train them to do. Tap into new tech and offer training in a format that is receptive to younger workers. This can come in many forms and should be catered to your specific employee’s needs and preferences. Here are some ideas to offer training to Gen Z employees:

  • Video: Video training modules are an engaging way to allow people to complete training at their own pace. 
  • Digital Learning Platforms: Gen Zers are comfortable using technology, such as digital learning platforms and online courses. 
  • Ongoing feedback and reflection: Providing continuous feedback on performance. This can come in the form of peer-to-peer feedback or mentorship. This enables workers to continuously improve their performance over time. 
  • Microlearning: Long training sessions are decreasing in popularity. Gen Z employees want shorter and more focused lessons. 
  • Gamification: The use of quizzes, polls, and scoring makes learning more engaging. It fits with Gen Z’s preference for interaction.

These training strategies can create training programs that align with Gen Z employees. Test these training methods and choose the ones that help your organization motivate your younger workers to pursue management positions. 


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Magda Jarota Marketing Recruiter

Magda Jarota

Magda Jarota is a Director on the Marketing Services team, specializing in communications and public relations, with a broader focus on strategy, advertising, design and all things digital. Before joining IQ PARTNERS, Magda spent five years at a boutique recruitment agency, where she led a variety of searches within public relations, communications, strategy, design, marketing and advertising. While there, Magda led the company culture initiatives as well as internal recruitment strategy.

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