Gen Z employees have not shied away from communicating their displeasure with work. As a Toronto staffing agency, we’ve worked closely with Gen Z job candidates and have developed a deep understanding of what they value and how they differ from previous generations of workers. This cohort is unique in many ways.

Gen Z employees have made their voices heard about the desire for things like a 4-day work week, quiet quitting and prioritizing work-life balance. Recent research also identified this generation’s unhappiness, something that can make it more challenging for companies to engage and retain Gen Z employees.

Below, our recruiters discuss the results of a recent Gen Z study and then outline some ways to retain and engage Gen Zers.

toronto staffing agency how to engage retain gen z employees


Study finds Gen Z workers are not happy at work

A new study from Cangrade, an AI-based hiring solution, looked at how happy each generation is at work and why. The findings were not positive for Generation Z workers.

While there are similar rates of happiness across the older generations, Gen Z is by far the least happy at work. Here is what they found:

  •         26% of Gen Zers are unhappy in their jobs.
  •         17% were actively thinking about quitting.
  •         Only 59% are happy at work.
  •         According to the Mental Health Million Project, Gen Z has the lowest rates of overall mental wellness.

Overall, the study found that Gen Z workers’ happiness at work is tied to how passionate they are about the work they do. They want more from their jobs and they won’t be happy if they don’t have opportunities to grow.

How to Engage and Retain Your Gen Z Employees

Do you find you are having challenges keeping young talent? Is there a disconnect between leadership and this new generation? Here are some tips to engage and retain top Gen Z employees:

  •         Offer the workplace flexibility they desire
  •         Clearly define growth and development opportunities
  •         Leverage technology trends
  •         Provide coaching, mentorship and regular feedback
  •         Support social causes and make an impact in your community
  •         Encourage innovation and allow people to leverage their strengths
  •         Offer competitive compensation packages

You need to understand what drives your young talent in order to keep them engaged. Have conversations with them to ensure you are on the same page.


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