Candidates accept job offers for more reasons than just money. Sure, money is an important part, but candidates need to consider the entirety of the offer before accepting. As a healthcare recruiter with years of experience with job offer negotiations, I can say with confidence that there is a long list of things candidates consider before they accept job offers. Some are more important than others. 

In this blog we’ll discuss:

  • The top 4 reasons why candidates accept job offers
  • A list of reasons candidates consider when deciding on a job offer
  • Why candidate experience affects an applicant’s decision to accept a job offer

What Are The Top 4 Reasons Why Candidates Accept A Job Offer?

We all know that money is the top reason to accept a job offer. But what other considerations are at the top of the list? According to our poll on Linkedin, here are the top four reasons why candidates choose to accept a job offer (besides pay): 

  • Work From Home / Flexibility / Work-Life Balance (36%): Balance is essential in your career and life in general. Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial, including factors like work from home, flexible work arrangements, predictable schedules, and adequate paid time off.
  • Culture (32%): Top candidates want to work with great employers. 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. A positive and supportive environment encompassing work-life balance, growth opportunities, a sense of belonging, and a respectful, inclusive work environment is increasingly sought after.
  • Growth Potential (28%): People want the opportunity to grow their careers. Access to training programs, mentorship, and opportunities for new challenges and responsibilities fuel professional growth aspirations.
  • Impact (4%): People want to work for companies they can support. They want to believe in the products and services their employer offers. Feeling a personal connection to the company’s values, mission, and ethical practices can significantly influence a candidate’s decision.

What Are The Main Reasons Candidates Accept A Job Offer?

Here’s an extended list of reasons why job candidates accept job offers outside of the top four mentioned above:

Benefits and perks

In addition to salary, benefits packages (including health insurance, paid time off, retirement savings plans, etc.), and bonuses remain crucial factors impacting financial well-being and standard of living. They also consider other perks like free food, gym memberships, or tuition reimbursement. These elements can be attractive additions to the offer.

Job security and stability

People want to work for stable organizations. They want to work for companies they can count on will be in business for the foreseeable future. In economic uncertainties, financial health, growth prospects, and history of layoffs become significant considerations. 


Where you are located can affect the type of candidates you attract. Commute times, cost of living, and access to desired amenities and activities influence some candidates’ decisions. If you are in a less desired location, offering remote/hybrid work options can help attract applicants. 

Managerial style

You’ve heard it before, people don’t quit companies, they quit their managers. People also won’t accept a job to work for a manager whose operational style doesn’t fit a candidate’s expectations. Working under a supportive, encouraging, and inspiring manager can significantly impact job satisfaction and acceptance.

Team dynamics

Feeling like a good fit within the team, having positive interactions with colleagues, and experiencing a collaborative and supportive work environment can be highly motivating factors. Many candidates take note of how people interact and the overall mood and vibe of an employer when they go in for interviews. 

Why Is Candidate Experience A Key Factor In Candidates Accepting A Job Offer?

The type of experience you provide to job candidates is a very important factor that can affect a candidate’s decision to want to work for your company. Every interaction they have with your company is a preview of what they could expect if they became an employee. 

Candidate experience has a direct influence on a person’s decision. Stats curated by found:

  • 58% of job seekers declined a job offer due to poor experience
  • 80% of candidates said a positive experience influenced their decision to accept an offer

It’s essential to treat top candidates well from your first interaction and throughout the recruitment process or you risk losing them. 

A Final Word On Why Candidates Accept Job Offers

Money, balance, and advancement are the top factors candidates consider before accepting a job offer. But, they consider much more and their relative importance varies based on individual priorities and circumstances. A comprehensive understanding of these motivators can help employers craft compelling offers that resonate with top talent.


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Kayla Vangorkum Healthcare Recruiter author

Kayla Vangorkum

Kayla Vangorkum is a Director, Client Services within the Healthcare and Life Sciences team at IQ PARTNERS. She has helped connect thousands of candidates and hiring leaders over her 7+ years in the recruitment industry and is fluent in both English and French. Kayla specializes in executive search and recruitment for all roles across the health sciences industry; her areas of expertise include Healthcare, Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental, and Sciences. She has experience with recruiting across a range of environments, including CSO, Corporate, Start-up and Consulting.

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