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The Shocking and Not So Shocking Reasons People Get Fired

October 3rd, 2017

By Dave Speiran, Toronto Legal Recruiter

Employees get fired. They get “let go.” They get laid off. It’s part of how the work world operates. Getting fired can have a huge impact on you, and it can it can follow you around in interviews, social settings, and in conversations.

“Getting fired can be a huge blow to your ego that is difficult to bounce back from. It not only puts your back up against the wall, it’s also embarrassing. Whether it was your fault or not, after you get fired there is a stigma that follows you everywhere,” says John White on

But why do people get fired? Here are some of the top reasons people lose their job:

  • Your personality: This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of reasons why people get fired. Personality is one of the main reasons people get hired and fired. Today’s work environment requires collaboration and building strong relationships. If you don’t get along with your boss and coworkers, you could impact organizational culture. Therefore, clashing with others and not fitting into the team is a top reason people get fired.

You are fired

  • Social media comments: No surprise here. What you say on social media matters, and it’s increasingly a top reason people get fired. If you cause your company any embarrassment, say something controversial, or talk poorly about your company online, if your company catches wind of it, you could get the axe.
  • Lack of reliability: Taking too much time off not only makes you unreliable, it can impact productivity and efficiency. The same goes for being late all the time. Being “sick” often can also impact your relationship with coworkers and management, especially if your absences are questionable.
  • Poor performance: Whether you are just putting in the bare minimum, you have a poor attitude, or you are simply not cut out for the job and in over your head, poor performance could cost you your job. If you are struggling, talk with management about how you can improve before they decide to let you go.

Fired employee

  • Violating company policies: Even if you unknowingly violate a company policy, you could be fired. Make sure you are clear on your company’s policies for health and safety, personal conduct, and internet usage.
  • Lying on your resume: Resume lies can catch up with you. Even a small fib about your qualifications or experience could land you in hot water. Be careful about what you include in your resume. Even if it was a small exaggeration, it could hurt your credibility and even get you fired, especially if you are still in a probationary period. Honesty is always the best policy.

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Dave Speiran

Dave leads IQ PARTNERS’ Legal practice, where he focuses on providing specialized recruitment solutions to top law firms across the GTA and Canada. Dave has been recruiting in the staffing industry for almost 20 years with a proven record of providing the right candidates for permanent and contract roles. His focus on building strong relationships allows clients to trust in his understanding of their organization and their staffing needs.

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