There are a lot of Canadians who work more than one job. Traditionally this would mean working two part-time jobs or working a full-time job during the day and working part-time hours in the evening and on weekends. The jobs don’t overlap or conflict.

But the option of working remotely has changed how Canadians can work. Full-time remote jobs are common in today’s economy. Its also become common for people to have a part-time job or do freelance work in addition to their full-time job. Our software recruiters in Toronto commonly see this with IT professionals. It’s also common in sales, marketing, and e-commerce.

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The ability to work remotely has created another potential work arrangement – some people have been using the flexibility offered through remote work to add another job to their schedule. The lack of commute and more time at home makes it possible. But should you work two-full time remote jobs simultaneously?

The short and long answer is NO. Our software recruiters discuss why not.

Why You Shouldn’t Work Two Full-Time Remote Jobs

  • It’s illegal: Almost all employment contracts have provisions that prohibit or restrict simultaneous employment, which could lead to conflicts or termination of one or both positions.
  • It’s dishonest: When an employee is hired to do a job, it’s written or implied that they’ll devote their full time and attention to the role they’ve been hired for during typical work hours.
  • Time and energy constraints: Many people prefer to work remotely for a better work-life balance. Balancing the demands of two full-time remote jobs can be incredibly demanding, both mentally and physically. Managing time effectively and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging, leading to increased stress and burnout.
  • Increased workload could lead to burnout: Working two full-time jobs means taking on double the workload compared to someone with a single job. This can result in long work hours, decreased personal time, and a higher risk of burning out.
  • Reduced productivity: Splitting your attention between two jobs may impact your ability to fully dedicate yourself to either role. It can be challenging to give each job the attention it deserves, potentially affecting the quality of your work and overall productivity.
  • Tax implications: Depending on the nature of your jobs, there could be tax implications you will need to sort out.
  • Lack of downtime to recharge: With two full-time remote jobs, it can be difficult to find time for relaxation, hobbies, or personal commitments. The absence of downtime may lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and hinder your overall well-being.

Before pursuing two full-time remote jobs, consider the risks. The extra money may not be worth it.


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