Remote work is still the norm for many people. If you are still working remotely and plan to do so for the foreseeable future, you’ve probably thought about whether or not working from home could hurt your career. Will it? Maybe or maybe not.

We decided to pose this question to our legal recruiters in Toronto to see what they had to say about this topic. The truth is it depends on many factors. Your industry, experience, skills, and other considerations all play a role.

legal recruiters could remote work be hurting your career


A checklist of questions to ask yourself about working remotely

Whether or not remote work is hurting your career is not a yes or no answer. So, it’s better for you to ask yourself a series of questions to determine if you specifically are affected.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1.       Are you experiencing difficulties in collaborating and communicating effectively with your colleagues?
  2.       Are you having issues getting time with your manager and superiors while working remotely?
  3.       Have you noticed a decline in your networking opportunities?
  4.       Are you having challenges building professional relationships due to remote work?
  5.       Are you struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working remotely?
  6.       Do you feel isolated or disconnected from your team?
  7.       Do you feel like you’ve become a secondary part of the team?
  8.       Do you feel like you are not part of the company’s culture because of remote work?
  9.       Have you noticed a lack of visibility and recognition for your work?
  10.   Are you finding it challenging to stay motivated and focused on your tasks?
  11.   Are you missing out on learning and development opportunities that would typically be available in an in-person work setting?
  12.   Has remote work affected your ability to adapt to changing work dynamics and quickly respond to challenges?
  13.   Are you facing difficulties in managing and prioritizing your workload effectively in a remote work setup?
  14.   Have you noticed a decline in your career advancement opportunities?
  15.   Are there fewer opportunities to showcase your skills and capabilities while working remotely?

How you respond to these questions will give you the answer you’re seeking. If you think remote work is potentially hurting your career, then perhaps it’s time to go back to the office.


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Melissa Hansen

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