Opportunities in the technology field have not slowed down because of the pandemic. Companies have realized that in order to stay competitive and adapt to the changing economy during COVID-19, they need to leverage technology. This has presented many new opportunities for professionals working in technology-related industries. There are opportunities in IT, AI, e-commerce, web development, and more.

Toronto technology recruiters share 3 tips to brush up on your phone interview skills

COVID has not only changed the type of jobs available, it’s altered how candidates apply for these roles. Technology has also had a big impact on the recruitment process. Phone and video interviews are now being used in place of face-to-face interviews. So, if you want to compete for a job in tech, you’ll need to make a good first impression on your phone interview. Here, our technology recruiting experts will provide you with some great tips to brush up on your phone interview skills:

3 Tips to Improve Your Phone Interview Skills

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for top quality technology talent. They use the phone interview to identify the candidates they view as serious contenders for the job. As a candidate, your goal for the phone interview is to get to the next round in the hiring process. Use these tips to improve your chances:

  • Put the time into preparation: Don’t take the phone interview lightly. You need to be prepared to answer any type of question. Spend time reading the job description to identify what the hiring company is looking for. Review the company website. Identify the skills and experience that make you a great candidate. More importantly, make sure it’s a job you are interested in pursuing.
  • Practice makes perfect: Doing a few mock phone interviews is a great way to help you get comfortable with the format. It will help you become more confident and help you work out any issues before you have the call with a recruiter. Find someone to ask you interview questions over the phone and practice your answers.
  • Ask questions: Phone interviews are also your opportunity to learn about the company and the job. You can show your interest in the role by simply asking a few well thought out questions. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask and look for the opportunity to ask them during your conversation with the recruiter.

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