The concept of the hybrid workplace is getting a lot of attention today, for good reason. It’s a new solution to an issue all types of companies are facing because of the pandemic. You need a new model to manage and accommodate your employees. Here we take a look at what a hybrid workplace model is, some of the challenges, and post-pandemic workplace strategies you can implement.

what is a hybrid workplace model


What Is a Hybrid Workplace Model?

A hybrid workplace allows some of your employees to work from home and others continue to work on-site. This does not mean your employees work some days at home and others at the office. It is one or the other, depending on their role within the company.

For example, you may have certain departments work from home. Or you may have specific job functions work remotely. How you determine who works from home really depends on what is best for your company.

What Are the Top Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace?

The challenge of a hybrid workplace is figuring out the right balance between supporting your employees, keeping everyone safe, while also keeping your business operations flowing. Some of the challenges you could face when having your employees working from multiple locations include:

  • Meaningful collaboration
  • Data security
  • Access to information and resources when working remotely
  • On-site office setups for safe distancing
  • Determining who works from home and who doesn’t
  • Keeping everyone on the same page strategically

Current and Post-Pandemic Workplace – 4 Strategies to Consider

How you recruit and support your employees is changing. Here are some things to keep in mind when establishing a work-from-home strategy:

  • It’s not the same workplace anymore: All strategies need to be designed through the lens that it’s not the same office environment anymore. Things have changed for good. How companies think about doing business, office culture, and operations are all different now.
  • A phased approach: The rules and how the company operates will need to shift as COVID-19 guidelines change over time. You need a plan for when working from home is mandatory, encouraged, and when the office is open with restrictions.
  • Flexibility is essential: Even though one type of employee may be assigned to work from home and others remain in the office, there needs to be some flexibility for people to do the opposite when necessary.
  • Employees have new expectations: People have new expectations for the workplace. They want more flexibility and expect to have access to resources to safely do their job from anywhere.

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