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The RIGHT Way to Quit Your Job Without Hurting Your Career

September 13th, 2018

By Aaron Walker, Toronto Technology Recruiter

How you quit a job can impact your career. Even though quitting your job may be the right move for you and your career, it can hurt other people’s feelings, impact their jobs and roles within the organization, and have an impact on your career going forward. This is why it’s so important to make sure you quit your job the right way.

Follow Company Protocol

quit job

Follow the right steps when you plan to quit. First, make sure you are 100% certain you are leaving before discussing it with your boss. Avoid telling others, and make sure your boss is the first one to know. Once you give your official notice, comply with all company rules. Give them adequate notice, provide required paperwork promptly, adhere to confidentiality agreements, and be flexible in assisting the organization with any requests.

Remain Engaged Until Your Last Day

Even though your thoughts are likely focused on the next phase of your career, it’s important to stay engaged in your current job until you are finished with the company. You’re still getting paid, right? Focus on doing what you can to help the company before your departure.

Help with the Transition as Much as You Can

Filling your role will be a transitionary phase for the company, even if they are hiring your replacement from within. Your move will affect your team, management, and coworkers. Be part of the transition team. Do what you can to ease your replacement into the job. Assist with training, and keep good relationships with all the people you work with during this time.

Thank People for Their Support

Always be gracious. Take the time to thank management, coworkers, and others for their support. Express your appreciation and make it a point to stay in contact with them. Always maintain your professional network – you never know when you may need it in the future.

Quitting gracefully and taking a professional approach to moving on from one company to another is an important career move. Quitting the right way, having respect for the organization and coworkers will ensure  your departure will not come back to bite you later

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Aaron Walker

Aaron is the IT Team Lead at IQ PARTNERS, utilizing his 12+ years of IT industry experience to connect the top CTOs, VPs, and Directors in the technology space with the most interesting and rewarding opportunities in the marketplace.

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