Toronto Technology Recruiter Gary Hinde
By Gary Hinde, Toronto Technology Recruiter

How much effort do you put into your job ads? If you are like many hiring managers and companies, you treat job ads like an afterthought and spend very little time. As recruiters we certainly don’t advocate a “post-and-pray” hiring strategy, but if you do choose to augment your search with a job posting it’s important to do it right.  Many companies throw them together at the last minute, pass the buck and have an admin assistant create it (even though they don’t have a good understanding of the position), or you may even simply reuse or edit an existing ad.

This is the reality of the workplace – job ads are just one extra thing on your to-do list, and since you know you need to get it out there as quickly as possible so you can hire someone, you often rush it – but this can lead to three big mistakes.

Here are three key things NOT to include in your job ads:

1. Non-Descript Job Titles


Be concise with job titles. Candidates are going to be less inclined to apply for a position if they are not sure about the details of the position. Generic titles get lost in the shuffle and leave candidates confused about what the actual role entails.

“In order to attract top caliber candidates, job titles need to be concise and contain accurate words that effectively communicate the role and responsibilities for the vacancy,” says Stephan Clarke on Social Talent.

2. Too Much and Redundant Information

Get to the point. People have a short attention span and don’t want to read a long and exhaustive job description. People spend less time reading job postings than most realize. One study found that 37% of job seekers spend less than one minute reading job descriptions. 44% spend between 1 and 5 minutes, and 19% spend 5 – 10 minutes. The study also found that it takes candidates 49.7 seconds to determine whether or not a job is a good fit for them.

What does this mean in terms of job ads?

Forget the long paragraphs, redundant information, and long winded descriptions. Rather, focus on more concise job descriptions. Use headings and bullet lists to break up the text to make it easier to scan.

3. An Extensive Application Process

job application

Don’t make a candidate jump through hoops – because they probably won’t. While it’s important to learn as much as possible about applicants, you also need to get to the point and make the application process as simple as possible.

“While you want candidates to invest some of their time when applying for your vacancy, a poor application process can quickly deter them from filling out required information. As a result, a simple and easy-to-follow application process plays a critical role when it comes to candidates submitting their info,” says Clarke.

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Gary Hinde Technology Recruiter

Gary Hinde

Gary is a Partner and Practice Lead of one of Toronto's most respected team of IT recruiters. He has a strong background in building and managing teams, and specializes in contract and permanent placements within the IT space. With over 15 years of IT Sales and Recruitment experience, Gary is committed to customer service and has a genuine love for working with people and solving business problems.

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