We are a product of our past actions. Everything that you have in your life today is a result of the decision you made in the past. Your career operates the same way. Each decision you made when you were going to school, the skills you’ve acquired, and where you have worked have an impact on the professional you are today.

As a Toronto recruitment agency, we’ve seen it time and time again. Those who have success today made good career moves from day one. Below, our recruiters provide you with some advice about career moves you should make now that you’ll be happy about when you look back 20 years from now:

Toronto recruitment agency shares career moves you will thank yourself for

Follow your passion

Too many people chase the money. This often leads to getting into careers that one has an interest in, but is not passionate about. If you have a passion for what you do, you’ll have that extra drive to succeed and rise. When you do this, the money will come too. Follow your passion and be happy with what you do.

Invest in yourself

Once you finish school, your education should continue for the duration of your career. Invest in yourself as much as possible to develop your skills and knowledge. Take professional development courses, add new credentials to your resume, and look for ways to improve yourself. This includes your mental and physical health.

Don’t allow others to interfere with your plan

We all have an idea of how we want our careers and lives to play out. Don’t allow others to influence what you want to do with your life. Listening to other perspectives, getting opinions and advice, and collecting information is one thing. But don’t let others affect the decision you make for yourself.

Take that risk

Should you stay or should you go? There will come a time when you will have the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps it will be somewhat of a risky career move. But if you do your homework and consider all angles, if the move has more pros than cons, consider taking it. No one wants to look back on life with regret.

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Nadia Novello

Nadia Novello is a recruitment consultant on the Marketing Services team.  Prior to beginning her journey in recruitment, Nadia spent 15+ years in the Marketing, Advertising, and Agency space.  During that time, she has helped many clients explore strategies to help drive consumer engagement and influence purchase decisions for some top global brands. Nadia’s industry experience in both traditional and digital marketing makes her a valuable extension to the IQ Partners team.

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