As a Toronto recruitment agency, we talk with many professionals who are considering quitting. People have many reasons for doing so. They may feel unfairly treated, they are stuck without the ability to move their career forward, or perhaps they are looking for additional compensation. 

As with many things in life, timing is important. Ideally, you want to make sure it’s the right time to make a move before you hand in your letter of resignation. 

Toronto recruitment agency shares how you know it's time to quit


Sure, there have been a lot of people choosing to leave their jobs over the past year or so. Are you ready to be the next one? Our Toronto recruiters have come up with the following list of signs it’s time to quit and make a career move:

You’ve reached your ceiling

In some jobs and with certain employers, there is only so far you can progress your career before you essentially become stagnant and hit a dead end. This can be for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’ve achieved the highest job level or grade in your department or there’s a minimal chance the person in the job at the next level is leaving any time soon. If you’ve maxed out what you can do, then looking to make a career leap will require you to do it with another company. 

You’re at the top pay rate

Who doesn’t want to make a little more money, right? But what happens if you reach the top rate or salary grade in your role? If you stay with a company, you can only depend on cost of living raises each year. This doesn’t cut it for many people. If your employer is unwilling to reasonably increase your salary, then it’s time to move on. 

You’re motivation is gone

Have you lost your drive? Is your motivation gone? Do you no longer look forward to coming to work? Perhaps you’re no longer being challenged or you’ve lost interest in the type of work you are doing. This can cause you to fall into a rut and start to develop poor habits. One way to reinvigorate your motivation is to quit and work for another employer. 

Degenerating work environment

Workplace culture has an effect on your wellbeing. If you work in an atmosphere where people don’t care, there’s a lack of respect, or it’s just a poor environment to work in, you should think about leaving, especially if there is a feeling that you’re on a sinking ship and other key employees have already left the company. 


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Cam Whalen Financial Recruiter

Cam Whalen

Cam is a Director, Client Services at IQ PARTNERS FinTech and Financial Services, & Insurance team. Born and raised in New Zealand, Cam completed a Commerce Degree with a double major in Commercial Law & Marketing before getting into the world of recruitment.

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