People quit. They do it all the time. Today people are more willing than ever to quit their job. They are less likely to stay in roles long-term. They stay for about 3 to 5 years and then move on to the next challenge.

When you think about why people quit some common reasons come to mind. They don’t like their boss; they want to make more money, or they want a better title. Sure, these things are important and considered, but things are changing. People are quitting for a myriad of reasons today.

Executive Search Firm shares a new way to think about why people quit


Our Toronto executive search recruiters offer a new way to think about why people quit their job:

Mental health

People are taking their mental health seriously. No longer are people willing to “tough it out” and put their health at risk. They are recognizing the signs of burnout, anxiety, and stress. People are less willing to stay in a job that puts their mental and physical health at risk.

They want their career to fit within the life they want to live

What people want to get out of life and how they live are changing. The traditional path of going to college, getting married and having a family, buying a house, and working up to the corporate ladder, is not what everyone wants to do anymore.

What they want is a career that fits within the life they want to live. This could mean the desire to work from home, work part-time as a consultant, or even change career paths as their lifestyle changes over time.

A lack of a sense of purpose

People want to work in jobs that give them a sense of purpose. They want a deeper connection between the work they do and how they live their lives. They want to work for companies that share the same values and morals. If there is a disconnect, people are more willing to exit the organization.

Life balance

Modern life is hectic. For many, they no longer see the value in going all in on their career while sacrificing everything else. They are looking for the right balance between meeting their career objectives while still being able to enjoy their life. They want to work hard for a company they value, and then go home and enjoy the fruits of their labour with their family.

Why Is It Important To Understand The New Reasons Why People Quit?

Employers that have a deeper understanding of the underlying reasons why people choose to quit are in a better position to create an environment where people want to stay. For modern workers, their career is about more than money and job titles. It’s about a more holistic view of what they do for work fits within how they live.

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