Riel LaPointe Financial Services & Insurance recruiter
By Riel LaPointe, Toronto Financial Services & Insurance Recruiter

There is no shortage of companies that work with recruiters in Toronto and across the GTA to help them find top talent. While a company’s hiring managers and recruiters play a similar role in the hiring process, they often get in each other’s way, potentially impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring the right person for the job.

Whether you are in finance, marketing or any other industry, here are 5 proactive ways companies can improve recruiter relations in 2016 and improve their hiring process:

1. Trust your recruiter

Hiring managers need to build rapport with recruiters and work on building a trusting relationship with them. Without trust, what do you really have? The key to developing a trusting relationship with your recruiter is to “really get to know one another’s goals and motivations,” according to our Toronto Financial Services & Insurance Recruiter, Ross Campbell in 7 Tips to Improve the Recruiter / Hiring Manager Relationship.

2. See through the lens of the recruiter


While there is a lot of commonality between hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters, often times it can be easy for companies and recruiters to become misaligned. To prevent this from occurring, take some time to see hiring through the lens of the recruiter and better understand their role in the hiring process. This will give you a better perspective about how they can help you, and how you can help the recruiter more effectively.

3. Know what you want to get out of your relationship

One of the biggest issues companies and recruiters have with each other is not fully communicating roles, responsibilities, and expectations. When you are not on the same page as your headhunter, it opens the door for miscommunications about who you are looking to hire and what you are looking for in a candidate.

“Declare your intent and your expectations of the relationship, and ask for nothing less in return: Strong communication, honesty, transparency, commitment to the partnership, decisiveness, and an understanding of the hiring process,” says Campbell.

4. Avoid being vague

Vagueness is a huge issue when it comes to hiring. It not only makes a recruiter’s job more difficult, it can also attract the wrong candidates. Therefore, when you need to hire, be as detailed as possible about the type of person you are looking for, the skills and experience you require, and be clear with the recruiter about timelines, the interview process, deal breakers and other factors that will play a role in the hiring process.

5. Be open to collaboration


While technology has made communication easier and more convenient, it has also taken away the “personal” connection people have with each other. Rather than meeting in person to discuss a hire, many companies rely on email and other forms of technology to send information about their hiring needs. This opens the door for miscommunication. Improve recruiter relations by setting aside some time to meet with your recruiter and work collaboratively on things like interview questions, job posts, and aspects of the hiring process that are important to your company.

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Riel LaPointe Financial Recruiter

Riel LaPointe

Riel is a VP of Client Services with IQ PARTNERS where he recruits across the full scope of multiple lines of business, with a particular focus in Financial Services & Insurance, Technology, Human Resources, and Real Estate Services.

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