By Bruce Powell, Founder & Executive Recruiter

The more people you know, the better, especially when you are scouring the market for new opportunities. In addition to working with a recruiter, searching for jobs online and reconnecting with business acquaintances, one of the many ways to get yourself out there when on the job hunt is to attend networking meetings.

Networking events can be polarizing. Some people love them, others hate them, but they provide you with the opportunity to get out and talk to new people. At the very least, you will be able to sharpen your communication skills, work on your elevator speech, and make valuable connections, even if it doesn’t lead to a job interview.

Being memorable is important, and it is something that could create an opportunity for yourself. Amid all the people at the event, if you can leave a lasting impression, you’ve accomplished your goal for the networking event.

5 Ways to Be Memorable at Networking Events

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Here are 5 ways to be memorable at your next networking event:

1. Ask questions: Sure, your main goal is to find a potential “in” for a job opportunity, but you can’t make the entire event about you. People are more receptive when you ask questions and be an active listener. Being genuinely interested in others will help make you memorable.

2. Be the facilitator: If you know people at the event, being a facilitator is a great way to help connect others and meet new connections. People will also be more willing to introduce you to others, opening the door for new opportunities.

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3. Have a solid elevator pitch: If you are planning to attend an event and want to make the most of it, you need to be prepared. You know people are going to ask you what you do, so be prepared to answer the question in a succinct way. Remember, time is limited, and you will only have a few minutes to make an impression – so make a lasting one!

4. Be positive: While this sounds obvious, having a positive demeanor and attitude will draw others to you. A warm smile, making eye contact, and taking time for everyone you encounter will go a long way. People remember positive encounters, and they may recommend you if they hear of an opportunity.

5. Always follow up: If you are not going to follow up and connect with the people you meet, you are probably wasting your time at the event. At the very least, connect with them on LinkedIn or send them a quick thank you email. The trick is to make it personal, mention something you discussed during the event, and offer them something of value that will give them an incentive to connect with you.  

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Bruce Powell

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