The “future of work” has become a popular buzzword in the recruitment industry recently. It’s getting a lot of traction online, causing many people to dive into what it means and how it could potentially affect them. 

Recruitment agencies in Toronto and across Canada are fielding questions about this new, hot topic from job candidates and clients alike. Below, our recruiters give you an overview of the future of work and how we can prepare for it.

recruitment agencies toronto are you prepared for the future of work?


What is the future of work?

The future of work is a concept that examines how work will get done in the future. It explores the influences of things like technology, technological disruption, new generations entering the workforce, and how social norms evolve. 

For example, things like how artificial intelligence, automation, and the current talent shortage are key factors that are requiring companies to invest more now so they are prepared for the future of work a decade from now. 

The pandemic highlighted just how fast things can change and the need for organizations, and professionals, to be prepared for disruption – anticipated and unforeseen. It shined a light on the need for organizations to have a more dynamic approach to operations and the need to reconsider strategies, relationships, and ways of doing things. 

How can you prepare for the future of work? 4 areas to focus on

Being prepared for the future of work starts now. Here are some things that you can do currently to get your organization ready to thrive in the years to come:

  • Focus on agility: Things are going to continue to change at a rapid pace. The better position you can put your company to be agile and make adjustments quickly when required, the more prepared you’ll be able to handle evolving work conditions. 
  • Invest in tech: New technologies are going to continue to disrupt and change how you operate. So, it’s essential that you get out in front of new tech by investing in it. Be on the lookout for ways to integrate new technologies to improve efficiencies. 
  • Have an open mind: Change is guaranteed. So, have an open mind to new ideas and concepts that you could potentially use in your operations. You can’t get stuck in the past or even the present. 
  • Prioritize skill development: Amid the talent and skill shortage, it’s imperative for companies to invest in upskilling and equipping their team with the skills that they currently lack. Reduce your skill and talent gap through training, coaching, and mentorship. 

If you want to have success in the future, you need to lay the groundwork today. Start preparing for the future of work to ensure your organization will be well-equipped to be an industry leader of the future. 


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George Good is a Recruitment Consultant on the Technology team with a background in tech recruitment within different European markets. He now works in all areas of the contract and perm tech recruitment space here in Canada.

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