Are you thinking about changing jobs this year? There are a lot of people across many industries who are considering a career switch. Some people are looking to take a step forward, while others are thinking about changing industries or professions entirely. Regardless of the type of move you’re thinking about, it’s a big decision. It’s also something that can take some time. Even with your desire to move on, you still need to find the right situation. 

With a lot of talk about career movement already happening this year, we decided to ask our legal recruiters their perspective on the best approach to changing jobs in 2023. Here are some of the steps they suggest you take:

Legal recruiters steps you should take if you want to change jobs in 2023


Assess your reasons for wanting to change jobs

We all think about changing jobs from time to time. Perhaps there is something that frustrates you about your current job or things aren’t going well right now. But do you really want to move on?

Consider your current job satisfaction, career goals, and personal circumstances. Why do you want to make a move? Why is now the right time for you? What is your motivation? Will a move help you advance your overall career goals?

Start looking at potential job opportunities

If you are still not 100% sure you want to make a move, there is still no harm in looking. You can start by passively exploring your options. 

The number of opportunities available will depend on your industry. For example, if you are in IT, options may be more limited than in the past because companies are hiring less. But in healthcare, there are countless opportunities to make a move. 

Look for job openings that align with your skills and experience, and research the companies and industries that interest you. This will give you a sense of how quickly you can change jobs. 

Update your professional information

If you are serious about applying for jobs, you need to update your resume and cover letter. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job and company you are applying to. The same applies to LinkedIn. 

Make sure your resume and LinkedIn reflect current industry expectations. This is particularly important if it has been a while since you last looked for a job. 

Put out feelers

Reach out to your professional network and let them know you’re looking for new job opportunities. See if you know anyone who can help you get in with a company you have targeted. Often, your professional network is the place you’ll find the opportunity you’re seeking. 

Don’t forget, you can always reach out to a recruiter to help you with your job search. 


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