How well does your company rank on the Glassdoor Rating system? Not sure? Haven’t looked in a while? Not really paying attention to Glassdoor ratings? You should because job candidates are. A poor rating could be negatively affecting your ability to attract top talent. It could also be a sign that you have a deeper issue to address internally. 

Our recruiters are very familiar with Glassdoor and many other online employer rating sites. So, we asked our executive search recruiters in Toronto to offer advice on improving your company’s Glassdoor rating. 

executive search toronto how to improve your glassdoor rating


Why should you work on improving your Glassdoor rating?

A less-than-stellar rating can cause professionals to think twice before applying for a job with your company. It can hurt your employer brand. Here are some reasons to work on your rating:

  • Reputation management: Glassdoor is a popular website for job seekers to research companies and read reviews from current and former employees. By improving your rating, you can help enhance your company’s reputation.
  • Increase employee engagement: By improving your Glassdoor rating, you can make the case to your employees that you are invested in the company’s success and that you care about the employee experience.
  • Attract top talent: A positive Glassdoor rating can help attract top talent. It can help to support your recruiting strategy and improve your hiring. 
  • Improve company culture: A positive Glassdoor rating can also be an indicator of a positive company culture. If you have a poor rating, it can provide you with insights into how you can improve company culture.

Overall, improving your Glassdoor rating can help to enhance your employer reputation and make your workplace a better place to work for everyone. Now, the question is, how do you improve your Glassdoor rating? Our executive search recruiters have some suggestions. 

How to improve your Glassdoor rating

Improving your Glassdoor rating can take some time and effort. Generally, the lower the rating you currently have, the longer it will take for you to bring your rating to a respectable level. Here are some ways to improve your rating:

  • Identify and fix internal issues: All you need to do is read the complaints people have with your company to identify key issues that are causing the poor reviews. You can start to improve your ratings by working on these issues and improving your company culture. 
  • Ask your employees to write a positive review: Talk with your current employees and ask them to review your company. Generally, people who are happy are less motivated to leave reviews. They often need some encouragement or a nudge to do it. 
  • Respond to reviews: This is a great way to show that your company is proactive. Sometimes, you’ll be able to rectify an issue from a reviewer. When this happens, they may reconsider and bump up the review score.

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