An inbox full of resumes is a good thing, right? Not necessarily.

We all know there is a significant number of people out of work and there are just as many people open to making a career move. So, there are more people applying for jobs currently.

Just because your inbox is full doesn’t mean they’re good candidates or it’s worth your time to sift through resumes vs. focusing on what you do best – running your business.

Your business needs you right now. You need to stay on the pulse of what is happening with the pandemic and how it is impacting your sales. You need to get out ahead of the constant changes in your industry and position your company to be stable now and thrive in the future.

Toronto Sales Recruiters share what to do when you are flooded with resumes

Your people are the lifeblood of your organization. If your company is in a position to hire right now, you need to make it count. Every hire you make can have a significant impact on your company.


A failed hire during a pandemic could cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, lost time, and it could negatively affect team morale – which is already fragile. Not to mention the cost and time associated with hiring and finding a replacement for the failed hire.

So, what should you do?

Don’t get distracted from focusing on your business goals. Making the right hire is more important than ever. Trust the experts.

Rather than spending your valuable time weeding through piles of resumes and trying to whittle down your list of top candidates, trust expert sales recruiters to do the job for you.

Sales recruiters know the market and know how to connect with the best talent available. They can quickly identify red flags, the key attributes to look for, and how to find a candidate who matches your specific criteria. Let a sales recruiter’s expertise work for you. Let them handle the inbox full of resumes while you focus on bigger-picture business goals.

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Rhys Metler Sales Recruiter

Rhys Metler

Rhys is a VP, Client Services of IQ PARTNERS‘ Sales practice and leads the SalesForce Search recruitment team. He specializes in prospecting new business relationships, client retention and renewals, and building top performing Sales teams in even the most challenging environments.

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