So, you want the job, but you also have a trip coming up that you have been looking forward to for months. You planned it out and it’s paid for. Plus, who doesn’t want to know more about the perks and compensation packages an employer may offer? There are a lot of companies that are starting to offer unlimited vacation policies. It would be great to know if a prospective employer offers these types of benefits.

when to ask about vacation time during an interview

But we also know it’s important to be strategic about what you say and when you say it during a job interview. You don’t want an employer to get the wrong impression about you. Get some tips for how to find out about a company’s vacation policy below:


Do your research

Rather than waiting for the job interview to ask about company benefits, spend some time to see whether the employer lists information on their job description or website. It has become increasingly common for companies to list perks and benefits on job descriptions to entice candidates to apply. Many also talk about company perks on the careers section of their website. Check these locations first.

Timing is everything

When you bring up the vacation question is paramount. If you bring it up early in the job interview process, it could skew how you are perceived. Some companies will not discuss benefits at all until an offer is made.

If the employer brings it up, you have an opportunity to ask general questions about the vacation policy. But hold off getting into specifics until you reach the negotiation phase.

Wait to mention an impending vacation until an offer is made

If possible, hold off on bringing up pre-existing vacation plans until a formal offer is made by the employer. If they make you an offer that is way off what you are expecting, the question about vacation time may be a moot point.

Frame it right

It is important not to be apologetic or ask if it is okay. Rather, inform the employer that you have a vacation already booked. This is a common situation, and most employers will do their best to accommodate you. If an employer has a negative reaction or attempts to tell you to reschedule your vacation, it could be a sign this is not the company for you.

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