Working in accounting is a great career choice. The job market is strong, and there is ample opportunity for candidates. The industry is expected to grow and there is an increased demand within the industry for skilled professionals.

The question remains – should you choose a public accounting or corporate accounting career path?

Choosing a career path is challenging, even within a particular industry. There are pros and cons to every career decision you make. Here is a comparison of the potential advantages and drawbacks of each career path.

Pros and Cons of Public Accounting Jobs

public accounting

Public accountants have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and have the opportunity to dabble in many different areas of accounting. Here are some pros and cons:


Here are some of the advantages of choosing this career path:

  • Quicker job advancement opportunities
  • Variety of work
  • The ability to work for a large corporation adds to your resume
  • The opportunity to become a partner with a firm
  • Good networking opportunities
  • Good opportunity to specialize


Here are some of the potential drawbacks of choosing this career path:

  • It’s competitive right out of school
  • A pressure-filled environment
  • More hours and travel
  • Certification is required for career advancement

Pros and Cons of Private Accounting Jobs

private accounting

Private accounting jobs are focused on working with financial information for your employer. You will prepare reports and analyze data. Here are the pros and cons:


Here are some of the advantages of choosing this career path:

  • Better overall work-life balance
  • You will have a chance to make an impact at your company
  • Better overall job satisfaction
  • You don’t need a CPA to reach management status


Here are some of the potential drawbacks of choosing this career path:

  • The job is very predictable
  • A rigid career progression path – few opportunities to move around
  • Slower career progression
  • Fewer options for specialization

Regardless of the career path you choose, you can make the switch. Many professionals switch between public and private accounting jobs. Sometimes, it takes working in both paths in order to figure out which you like most and where your best talents lie.

More Information to Compare Public and Corporate Accounting Careers

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