We often put too much weight on experience. You see experience and qualifications listed on the top of virtually every job ad you read. But is it really the most important thing to be looking for?

how hiring without experience can benefit

Many companies are starting to relax their views on a candidate’s experience. They no longer automatically eliminate a candidate because they don’t meet the experience criteria. Should you hire a candidate who doesn’t have experience? There are some situations where it is beneficial. Our recruitment agency outlines them here:


1. You Need Someone With a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. You want someone who does not already have a set of preconceived notions about the business. Hiring someone without experience can help you look at things from a unique perspective. They can bring innovation and new ideas to the table.

2. It’s a Brand New Entry Level Role

There are times when experience is not of prime importance. For example, when hiring for an entry-level job or new role. Hiring someone with little or no experience can allow you to groom them for the job and future roles in the company.

3. You See Their Potential

Sometimes potential gets overlooked because of lack of experience, but experience does not always equate to performance. A more experienced candidate may be a better performer short term, but a candidate with potential could offer a significantly better upside long term. When hiring candidates, do not just think about right now, think long term.

4. They Are Coming From Another Industry

You will get applications from candidates who have primarily worked in another industry but they don’t have experience for the job you want to fill. They have the experience, just not in your industry. However, they may have a number of transferable skills that could make them a good fit for the job.

5. When Passion and Attitude Are Highly Important

Hiring good people is a key success factor. It’s important to have people in your organization who are passionate about what they do. You want to be around people with a positive attitude, even if they don’t have the right amount of industry experience. You can always teach hard skills, but you can’t teach personality.

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Tanya Schwartz

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