Top 5 IQ PARTNERS blog posts 2016

To close out a big year in recruitment, we’re sharing our ‘Best Of Blogs’ list from 2016. In these 5 popular posts, our IQ PARTNERS headhunters touch on the year’s hottest topics for hiring managers and job seekers.

1. 6 Ways to Detect Interview Liars & Avoid a Bad Hiring Decision

According to recent research from the University of Guelph, 94% of people lie during job interviews. Obviously, you want to hire the best candidate for the job, but how can you be sure if a candidate is telling the truth or fabricating some of the details about their experience and skills? This popular post breaks down 6 traits of interview liars to watch out for. Read more>>

Top 5 Headhunter IQ PARTNERS blog posts

2. 9 Things You Should Do Within the First 72 Hours of Losing Your Job

Whether you see it coming or not, being laid off or let go can feel like a punch in the gut. The thing to keep in mind is the situation is temporary. Here are 9 must-do’s from a headhunter to get your career back on track within the first 72 hours. Read more>>

3. How Much Should You Be Making? LinkedIn Salary Will Tell You!

If you are like most professionals, you want to make more money. Who doesn’t, right? Most of us have an idea of where our current salary falls on the wage scale in comparison to other professionals with similar experience and credentials, but perhaps not the full picture. This blog breaks down everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s new Salary tool. Read more>>

Top 5 Headhunter IQ PARTNERS blog posts

4.  Unprofessional Habits That Kill Your Chances of Getting the Job

We all want to make a great impression during a job interview, but all it takes is one poor display or mistake, and you could be immediately removed from the candidate pool by a company. These are some of the unprofessional habits can quickly get you removed from consideration for a position. Read more>>

5. 5 Common Phrases You Should NEVER Use on Your Resume

Want to get your resume noticed? With 70% of hiring managers spending less than two minutes reviewing each resume, the resumes that get noticed are the ones that maximize every word and phrase. Our Toronto recruiters share 5 common phrases to keep off your resume to help yours rise to the top. Read more>>

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