The question of when you should talk about salary during the interview process is an important one. Bring it up too early, and you could give off the impression that it’s your top concern. Wait too long in the process, and you could potentially limit your negotiating ability.

There are a lot of opinions about when and how candidates should approach salary negotiation. Our Toronto recruiters are well versed in salary negotiations. Below we provide you with some helpful advice about why you should discuss salary before the final job interview:

Toronto recruiters share why you should discuss salary before the final interview


Get the timing right

The time when you broach the subject can be very important. Ideally, you want the employer to discuss potential compensation numbers before you do. But if you have made it to the second interview and the topic has still not been discussed, it’s usually okay to start the salary conversation.

The important thing to keep in mind is to have a feel for where things are going. Is the conversation leading toward talking about offers? Do you sense the company has a strong interest in you? Then bring it up. But you always want to discuss it in a way that makes it clear you are interested in more than just money.

If the employer brings up the topic

There is always the chance that a prospective employer may bring up the salary discussion early on in the interview process. They may ask during your first interview. If they do, be prepared with a number in mind that is based on research. Know the going rate for a professional with your level of experience in your industry. In other words, know your worth. It’s best to give them a range so there is room for negotiation.

Why bring up salary before the final interview?

Bringing up salary before you get to the final interview is important for one major reason – if the employer is not willing to offer what you deem to be reasonable, you will just be wasting your time. The employer and candidate should ideally be in the same ballpark with compensation expectations. Finding this out sooner will help you determine if going through the entire interview process is worthwhile.

You don’t want to be in a position where you love the role and company only to find out they are not prepared to pay you what you expect.


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