By Danielle Bosley, Toronto Financial Recruiter

There have never been more ways to find talent. This is good news because top quality talent has never been more difficult to recruit. Where your finance company looks for job candidates can have a significant impact on your ability to hire and recruit the best people available.

Social media has become a prime area to connect with candidates. While most immediately gravitate to LinkedIn, Facebook has made significant strides in making Facebook job search and recruiter friendly.

As we have written about in Is Facebook the Next Big Platform for Recruiting? and A New Way to Find Jobs: Using Jobs on Facebook, the social media platform can no longer be ignored as part of your recruiting efforts.

Tips to Recruit Finance Talent Using Facebook


If you want to get the most out of your Facebook recruiting efforts, try these tips to get the most eyes on your job ads:

  • Use video to engage candidates: Video is one of the most engaging ways to capture the attention of potential candidates. Don’t just post a traditional ad; show them what it would be like to work for your finance company. Give them a taste of company culture, share success stories, have employees talk about the benefits of working for the organization.
  • Use paid ads: Using paid Facebook ads to promote your job ads is a must. It will help you effectively target the type of candidates you are looking for and it will help you get the most exposure for your ad.
  • Get your team involved: Asking people to share your job ad is important. We’re not just talking about candidates themselves. Get your company involved. Ask senior leaders, recruiters, and employees to share the job ad on their profiles. The more people share the ad, the more exposure it will receive on Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook event: Facebook events are a handy tool to gain more exposure when you are hiring. This is particularly important if you plan to hold a job fair or hiring event. Spread the word, get people to confirm attendance and encourage others to share the event.

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Danielle Bosley Toronto Recruiter

Danielle Bosley

Danielle is a Recruitment Consultant with our Accounting and Finance team, primarily focused on placing talent with mid-sized public accounting firms. Danielle has five years of experience in the recruitment industry, starting out as a recruitment coordinator and growing into a recruitment and candidate sourcing specialist.

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