As the pandemic drags on, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay motivated. The feeling of isolation, loss of motivation, lack of social interaction, and the repetitive nature of each day can make it challenging to stay engaged. We all know that when your employees’ level of engagement takes a dip, so does their productivity. The sales industry is a perfect example of this.

As a manager, company leader, and as an organization, it’s in your best interest to prioritize your employees during this trying time. You need to take additional steps to support your team and help them stay locked in and engaged. Here are some way you can do this:

Toronto Sales Recruiters share How to Keep Employees Engaged as the Pandemic Drags On


Check In With Your Employees Individually

As a manager, it’s important for you to check in with individual team members and see how they are doing. Touch base with people in a meaningful way. Have real conversations about not only the challenges of work, but the situation in general. You can do this by having virtual lunch chats or coffee breaks.

Give Recognition

Recognize your people for the challenges they have to endure on a daily basis. Balancing working remotely, with many having to balance online learning for their children, plus managing home life, takes its toll. Give credit when your people perform well, even amid all the challenges they face at work and at home.

Over Communicate

The feeling of isolation is real. Many of your team members are not used to working alone all the time. Put extra effort into communicating with your team and finding ways for your employees to communicate with each other. This can help reduce the feeling of isolation and help boost morale.

Try to Keep Things Fun

If there was ever a time when you needed to inject some fun into the workday, now is it. Look for ways to have some light fun with your employees. It can be a simple as having theme days, virtual water cooler time, fun competitions, or anything else to lighten the mood.

Doing these little things can make a big difference to keep your people engaged. Try them out and see what works for your company.

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Rhys Metler

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