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Should You Consider Hiring a Remote Worker? These 6 Awesome Benefits Say So

April 5th, 2018

By Catherine Lund, Toronto Marketing Recruiter

Remote workers are becoming more and more common, not only for start-ups, but in companies of all sizes, especially within the marketing industry.

No longer do many roles require an employee to be physically present in the office to be successful. VoIP, virtual meetings, email, chat systems, and VPNs all make it possible for employees to work remotely without issue.

However, there are still companies that question if remote workers make sense for them. In marketing, it’s no question that remote workers, freelancers, and contractors can prove to be valuable team members.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Remote Worker

remote worker

Here are some of the top reasons and benefits to add a remote employee to your team:

1. Flexibility: You can hire remote workers full time, part time, or on contract in order to meet your marketing needs. There are many flexible working arrangements you can make with remote workers.

2. Get the best talent: Sometimes, the best talent doesn’t live in the same city as your office. Recruiting marketing professionals from outside of your city allows you to find and attract better quality talent. Technology no longer limits you when searching for the best talent.

3. Remote workers are more productive: Can you imagine how much work you would get done if you didn’t have all those meetings and other employees interrupting you? Remote workers don’t have these distractions and, because of this, get more done.

Work from home

4. Cost savings: Remote workers cost less money. They don’t require office space, they use less office equipment and supplies, they don’t take up office real estate, and they help you operate a smaller and more efficient office. Plus, they are also known to take fewer sick days because they can work from home, even when they are under the weather.

5. Diversity: Remote workers bring a unique perspective. They are different from the office workers, can often see things from outside the box, and can be a valuable resource to solve issues.

6. A recruiting advantage: Companies that are willing to hire remote workers show they are progressive and flexible, something that will help attract marketing talent.

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Catherine Lund

Catherine Lund helps lead IQ PARTNERS as Sr. Director, Client Services and specializes in recruiting for integrated, digital, and eCommerce roles. She is an avid networker and proven business development and marketing professional who has placed mid to senior level professionals across Toronto.

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