We all want to be that destination company – the organization in your industry where professionals by the thousands apply in hopes of getting the opportunity for a job interview. Most companies are not this. In fact, many companies suck at hiring. You may be one of them.

If you do have a poor hiring process, you could be hurting your ability to attract top candidates. The good news is there is always room for improvement. But, before we put the cart before the horse, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that would qualify your company as one that sucks at hiring:

You Don’t Know What You Are Looking For

If you don’t know the type of candidate you are looking for, then how can you communicate to potential candidates the type of person you are looking for? Too many companies simply recycle the same vague job ads, and have someone in HR, who knows nothing about the position, refresh the ad and post it online. When you don’t know who you are looking for, your ads also tend to leave out important details and use the same descriptions and keywords found in thousands of other ads online, making your ad blend in with the others.

You Make Candidates Jump Through Hoops


There is a difference between having a rigid hiring process and making candidates jump through hoops to complete the application process. Filling out online forms and completing pre-employment tests do little to improve the quality of hires. It will also drive away quality candidates who are not willing to spend hours applying for a role.

Your Hiring Process Takes Forever

Candidates expect the hiring process to be completed within a reasonable timeframe. They don’t want the process to drag on forever, and if your process is too long, you’ll lose good candidates because they’ll get snapped up by other companies. Start the hiring process when you are ready to hire, hold follow-up interviews within a week or so of initial interviews, and make an offer as soon as you know who you want to hire.

You Suck at Following Up with Candidates

follow up phone call

From a candidate’s perspective, there is nothing worse than spending the time to fill out an application and update your resume for a job you want, and then hear nothing from the hiring company. Complete radio silence. If you expect candidates to wait around for weeks while you get around to following up with them, think again. They’ll be gone. And, no, an auto-response email saying, “Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview” doesn’t count.

You Low Ball Employment Offers

As they say, you get what you pay for. No candidate wants to feel undervalued, and this is exactly what you will do if you try to low ball them. Candidates know what they are worth, and they know what fair market value is for professionals in their field. Low balling candidates is an easy way to lose a candidate, waste time and resources, and develop a poor employer reputation.

If You Suck at Hiring, Your Employer Brand Reputation Will Stink Too

A poor employer brand reputation will eventually catch up with you. How? You will start to have more difficulty being able to attract and retain top talent in your industry.

If you are such a hiring company, NOW is the time to do something about if before it’s too late! Hiring an industry leading executive search and recruitment firm is a great start. Give us a call!

More Perspective on the Recruiting Process

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Bruce Powell

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