2020 has been the year of the video job interview. Zoom has become a household name, and if you conduct candidate interviews, it was likely from the comfort of your home or in an isolated office via video.

Interviewing candidates over video is inherently different from actually getting to meet with them face to face. There are certain things that can get lost in the shuffle when communicating over a computer, even if you can see them on video. It can feel like you don’t get to know them as well. Our sales recruiters know this can be a particular challenge when assessing a candidate’s soft skills.

Sales recruiters explain how linkedin video intro feature works

LinkedIn’s Video Intro feature can help you better assess how candidates communicate. To get access to the feature you will need to sign up for New Recruiters and Jobs on the platform.


Blake Barnes on the LinkedIn Talent Blog explains how it works:

“With Video Intro, once you receive applications for a job posting, you can invite the most qualified candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options that include questions such as, ‘Tell me about yourself,’ ‘What is your greatest strength?’ and ‘Describe your most challenging project.’ Candidates can choose to submit their answers via quick video recording or written response.”

What Are the Key Advantages to Using LinkedIn’s Video Intro?

Here are some of the benefits of integrating this tool as part of your recruiting process:

  • Add an additional step to screen candidates: Giving candidates the opportunity to answer a couple of additional pre-recorded responses will give you more to assess and compare.
  • Learn more about the candidate: It can be a challenge to learn a lot about sales job candidates with the limited interaction you have with them, especially digitally. Use the tool to learn about how a candidate communicates and interacts early on in the recruiting process.
  • A new way to assess soft skills: Soft skills are very important, but they are challenging to assess. Use this tool as a way to see a candidate’s soft skills in action. Choose your questions wisely to maximize what you can learn about them.

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Rhys Metler Sales Recruiter

Rhys Metler

Rhys is a VP, Client Services of IQ PARTNERS‘ Sales practice and leads the SalesForce Search recruitment team. He specializes in prospecting new business relationships, client retention and renewals, and building top performing Sales teams in even the most challenging environments.

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