Elaine Bellio Toronto Sales Recruiter
By Elaine Bellio, Toronto Sales & Marketing Recruiter

Marketing is a fluid industry. Each year brings about new changes in the industry, new jobs, and new in-demand skills, making it challenging for marketing candidates to keep up with the emerging trends. Understanding what is currently happening in your industry plays a big role in your ability to market yourself properly and to have a deeper understanding of the type of opportunities available to you at the present time.

The type of marketing positions you may have applied for 5 years ago are likely very different or may not even exist today. On the other hand, there are many new positions that didn’t previously exist. Just think of all the social media and analytics positions that exist today.

5 Important Job Search Considerations for Marketers

If you are planning to make a career move, are new to the marketing industry, or are on the hunt for a new marketing job, here are a number of things you need to keep in mind when looking for positions:

1. The rise of the freelance economy: Freelancing is quickly becoming the norm in many industries, and marketing is leading the way. There is no shortage of opportunities available for freelance writers, social media managers, graphic designers, web developers, and digital marketers. Marketing professionals should at least consider contract positions, short term projects, and other opportunities when looking to make a career move.


2. More opportunities with small companies: Digital marketing has changed the makeup of marketing positions. With the rise of small marketing companies, agencies, and solopreneurs, marketers should consider looking beyond big companies and marketing agencies.

3. Personal branding experience in demand: Experience with branding is more important than ever. Being able to develop corporate and personal brands is a key strategy for companies, organizational leaders, and other professionals.

4. Analytics skills are in demand: The numbers tell the real story, and they have become an entrenched part of marketing strategy and analysis. Almost all marketing positions require that you have some experience with analytics tools and have the ability to interpret this data.

5. Location matters less: Have you considered working remotely or from home? Don’t let geography get in the way of an opportunity. Many companies are more open to working with marketers remotely – granted they have the skills, abilities, and experience they are seeking.


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Elaine Bellio Marketing Recruiter

Elaine Bellio

Elaine is a Director, Client Services with IQ PARTNERS with a specialty focus in recruiting for B2B & B2C Marketing and Sales across a number of industries. She has amassed a total of 18 years in sales, sales management, and recruiting at the agency level – selling both contingent and retained search – and has a deep understanding of the sales and marketing processes and what it takes to build a successful team.

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